Coffee Shop

Welcome to our kafenio -- the holy grounds coffee shop

This year, we are brewing up something new… the iconic Greek kafenio, otherwise known as a coffee shop! Coffee is a quintessential part of Greek culture and as such, we’re bringing in an entirely new section of the festival, Holy Grounds. We’re combining the old school with the new and we’ve curated a menu that includes traditional coffee drinks but also incorporates some of the newer trends in Greece. Take a peek at our menu below.

*Prices subject to change

Let’s talk about some of the differences in coffee.

  1. Freddo Espresso: an espresso shot is brewed, whipped and frothed into a velvety foam and then topped off with ice and water. You may also add milk and/or sugar as desired.
  2. Iced Latte: one of the typical espresso-based drinks, an espresso shot is poured and then topped off with milk and ice. 
  3. Iced Americano: another espresso-based drink, the espresso shot is brewed and then topped off with water and ice. Milk and sugar are optional. This has a more “iced coffee” texture compared to the frothy Freddo above.
  4. Frappe: a classic drink invented in 1957, instant coffee is combined with a touch of water (sugar optional) and then whipped to a velvety foam. It’s topped off with water and ice. You can also add milk. It’s similar to the freddo in texture however, Frappe is made with instant coffee and Freddo is made with espresso.
  5. Espresso & Doppio: an espresso is simply a brewed shot of espresso. A doppio is a double shot of espresso. Nothing is typically added.
  6. Hot Greek Coffee: this is made from non-filtered finely ground coffee beans, which is served with foam on the top and the grounds on the bottom. It’s characterized by a very strong yet rich taste.

Holy Grounds Coffee Shop will also have some cool refreshers like iced tea and lemonade and will serve an array of traditional desserts that are different from the Bakery. These desserts will range from phyllo-layered desserts like Kataifi to velvety rich cakes, classic croissants, and more.

Coffee and friends are the perfect blend. Grab a pal and join us!

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